How to write a cover letter

i A cover letter is a letter consisting of documents such as resume, curriculum vitae to give a brief introduction.  It can be used for a variety of purpose like an internship, employment, marketing, and as business documents in some cases. An impressive cover letter is what that makes a difference.

The important points that must be taken into account while writing a cover letter are:

  1. Professional cover letter header: First things first, the header for a job application should be professionally written as it provides the most basic details of the candidate as
  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Number
  • Your email address
  • Date
  • Name of the Hiring Manager with their professional title
  • Name and Address of the Company you are applying for.

Some other details can be added optionally:

  • Your professional title
  • Home address
  • Social media accounts
  • Links to your websites( mainly LinkedIn and Twitter)

Keep in mind to give your consistent details throughout the letter.

2. Proper greeting: The greeting must be to the person who will be reading your Cover Letter i.e. the HR. a proper greeting or salutation might be the first thing the HR will notice. It is preferred among various notions to greet the HR person with their name. But also keep the profile of your company in mind because different companies have different cultures. That is why while writing a corporate cover letter it is advised to go for addressee’s last name.

3. Catchy opening paragraph:  The tactic to write a good paragraph is to grab the attention of the HR and opening up with casual lines like ”I’ve done this job in the past” or” I would like to express my interests……” isn’t the lines the HR would be interested to read. The main points you can focus on is to highlight your achievements and knowledge of your employer’s needs. Your enthusiasm is the key that will get you hired.

4. Explain why you are a suitable candidate:  Just because you have exact skills required by the profile doesn’t mean that you will be hired. So make sure to enlist your best assets in your cover letter. Make sure you show that you are going to satisfy the needs specified by the company. Once you’ve decided the opening paragraph points than you can provide the details of your previous experiences that will help your future employer in their plans.

5. Tell your interests:  A company hires the candidates which meet the requirements of the profile but the problem is there are many people who have exactly the same skills as you do. So to stand out from the crowd to have to ensure that you know about the future policies and upcoming projects of the company and that your skills will let you succeed in the project. The key is to show your interest in that particular job, not in any other.

6. Closing paragraph: After mentioning your relevant skills, the only thing left is to give an impressive ending to your paragraph by simply providing value. So instead of coming off needy and using clichéd phrases, tell the manager to look forward to meeting in person and discuss your experience and knowledge that will help your future employer in fulfilling their goals.

7. Appropriate formal closing: if you aren’t a fan of well-worn “Sincerely”, you can use other synonyms sign-offs like Thank You, Best Regards, etc. It is a good idea to repeat your basic details below sign-off.

8. Postscript: All the above-mentioned points are must in the cover letter but postscript is an optional component which is not used by most of the candidates. So write P.S.  and catch the hiring manager’s eye like a magnet.


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