How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App

Android phones are very popular in contemporary world. It offers lots of awesome features for users. That’s why everybody has Android smartphones on their hands. We use the best connectivity and fast cell phone gadgets for all ages. They use chats, conversations, VOIP calls, VOIP messages, and text messages on their devices using instant messaging applications. We are always dependent on modern technology. The most interesting and attractive parts of modern mobile phones are back and front camera, heavy microphones and large screen displays. These modern devices have great advantages to the world’s people. But these modern age gadgets are a source of serious problems in the lives of younger generations.

How to Turn On Android Microphone Remotely with Monitoring App in 2018

They can secretly talk to their friends; They chat with friends online and chat with their online friends. Teens can keep their location secret and become a severe slave for sexual abuse, drug abuse and other dangerous problems. So how can you listen to the microphone, listen to the surrounding sounds, and send their invitations remotely?

Enable your Android microphone remotely:

If parents ask and listen to cell phones and sounds on the target cell phone, they will have to return the remote microphone. With the help of MIC bug they can make TheOneSpy cell phone tracking software much easier. It is very different and user friendly than the classic record of other spy software.

To turn on the mobile phone of a mobile phone device, the TOS app does not have to send a text message to the target phone. Android Mic Recording allows you to create a MIC bug in a cell phone tracking application control panel, and then ask environmental sounds on the target device from 1 minute to 45 minutes. This is the mechanism for activating the microphone from the target phone.

Enable Device Microphone by MIC Bug:

Initially, according to the given credentials, you must log in to the TOS account. Now select from MIC bug features. This helps the user to record the surrounding sounds with the help of the microphone.

Users need to create an MIC bug and adjust the time interval of 1 minute 45 minutes. After sending that command on the target phone. Once the command is received on the target phone, the MIC bug will suddenly be compressed. The user can send multiple commands at the same time in one order. A user needs to know what he wants to do.

MIC bug automatically receives voices and sounds, and then sends it to the dashboard.

User can collect the surrounding sounds of the target device from the DOS control panel.

A user should know that internet phone connectivity should be connected to the Internet. In limited communication, the target phone may not receive the user’s command or may be up or down.


You can turn on the Android phone’s microphone by removing the MIC Bug in remote data of the smartphone monitoring app.

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1 year ago

So I can connect my phone to another phone and listen to everything and tap into the video or camra to see what is happening

1 year ago
Reply to  melissa

I’m curious about this also. Wish someone would respond!!