Java Properties File Example

In this tutorial I will show you how to store and retrieve values from a properties file in Java

There are a number of scenarios where you may want to have a configuration file for your Java program. Java has a build in mechanisms in java.util.Properties allowing you to easily access and change the values in a configuration file.

Properties are constructed by a key and a value pair, both represented as String objects.  You may think of properties as a persistent Hashtable.

Write Data to Properties File

Properties properties = new Properties();
properties.setProperty("server_name", "");
properties.setProperty("request_timeout", "5000");
OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream("");, null);

Read Data from Properties File

InputStream input = new FileInputStream("");
Properties properties = new Properties();
String serverNamere = properties.getProperty("server_name");


In this example I didn’t included the exception handling for more visibility. Do not forget to add a proper exception handling in your programs and to close the file input and output streams when you are done with reading/writing the properties.

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